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C&G Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is C&G Rewards?

C&G Rewards is a tiered loyalty program designed to thank and give back to our loyal Campbell & George members.

Can anyone be a part of C&G Rewards?

If you’re already a friend of Campbell & George, the great news is you’ve already jumped on board and have the key to access C&G Rewards.

Wanting to become a new friend and have access to C&G Rewards? Be sure to sign up as a Campbell & George member next time you visit us at reception. Please be aware memberships are only open to 18 years and older.

How do I join?

Wanting to become a new friend? Visit Campbell & George to join the club.

Step 1
Visit Campbell & George to join or renew your Membership.

Step 2
Complete the Membership application form.

Step 3
Swipe and insert your Membership card to be rewarded.

Enjoy the benefits as a Member of Campbell & George for $5 for 2 years.

How does C&G Rewards program work?

Once you’ve joined the club and are a Campbell & George member, you’ve got the key to unlocking C&G Rewards.

    • You’ll instantly earn C&G reward points every time you eat, drink and play by swiping, scanning or inserting your membership card.
    • You’ll be rewarded every time you visit with daily rewards
    • You can redeem your points to enjoy on good food, good bevvies and be in good company at Campbell & George.

What are C&G Reward points?

Earn C&G Reward points for every dollar when you eat, drink and play at Campbell & George.

You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent by swiping or scanning your membership card during any transaction. Members will also earn C&G Reward points when inserting their membership card while playing the gaming machines*

*Terms and conditions apply.

What are Status points?

Status points are the accumulation of total points over a period to determine your tier status. You can earn status points when you eat, drink, and play at Campbell & George.

How do I know how many C&G Reward points and Status points I have?

You can view your C&G Reward points and Status point balance by;

    1. Swiping your membership card at our Rewards Terminals
    2. Downloading our C&G Rewards App and your points balance will appear on the homepage.
    3. When purchasing food and beverage, your balance will also appear at the point of sale.
    4. Please also feel free to ask our friendly staff at Reception to provide you with a balance.

How do I redeem my C&G Reward points?

You can redeem your C&G Reward points on all the things you love, from purchasing food and beverage at Campbell & George to gift cards. Through the rewards terminals you can use your points to redeem exclusive offers and promotions.

Do my C&G Rewards expire?

Yes, depending on what tier level you are, your C&G Rewards will expire. You’ll be notified when you’re C&G Rewards are due to expire.

What are the tier levels and benefits?

C&G Rewards has five tier levels which are Local Joker, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Spades, King of Hearts, and Ace of Hearts.

Whether you’re an old friend of a new, you’ll start your journey as a Local Joker and shuffle your way to the top to the Ace of Hearts. Each tier level has its own benefits and rewards. Click here to view all the tier levels and their benefits.

How do I know what tier level I am?

You can check what tier level you are at Campbell & George reception, rewards terminal, when you insert your membership card in a gaming machine or on the C&G Rewards App.

How do I update my Membership details?

To update your Membership details, visit Campbell & George and our friendly receptionist will be able to update your details for you on the spot.

Why am I not receiving any emails or text messages about my C&G Rewards?

Firstly, be sure to check your junk mail, sometimes your mailbox may flag our emails as junk. If still no luck there, we may not have your contact details on file or you may not be opted-in to receive our emails or text messages. Be sure to see our friendly staff at Campbell & George and they’ll be able to check if you’re opted-in and confirm we have your correct email address on file. Then, you’re all set to start receiving exclusive insights about your C&G Rewards and what’s on.

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