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these two gentlemen are an odd match, but they’ve been the best of friends since meeting at the club back in 1934.

This is Campbell
A master of strategy on the land,
the seas and the greens

You will usually find him on the green or in the sports bar. He’s a distinguished man of strategy, in particular when it comes to his sports. On a warm summer’s day, you might find him in The Paddock enjoying a new craft beer whilst reading the paper or deep into a book (non-fiction, naturally).

If it’s your shout, he takes his whiskey neat (and from the top shelf).

This is George
A true connoisseur of leisure,
style and luxury.

George on the other hand, is more likely to be in the restaurant dining with friends or making new ones. More often than not, he’ll be in the kitchen irritating Nonna with his culinary ideas. Soon to be chased out by her trusty wooden spoon.

If you want to know what wine to order with your meal, George is your man! As he’s always the first to try every new wine, beer, or new local produce that comes through the club.

Some might say their friendship is one of convenience and proximity, as Campbell lives on George Street and George lives on Campbell Street. But if you spend time with the two of them, you’ll quickly realise these two are true blue mates.

evolution of Queanbeyan’s original club

It all started in 1934, when a gathering of 22 locals and friends from across the border hatched an idea. How great it would be to have a place where friends could come together for a chinwag about matters of national importance and a bit of local gossip.

Thus, the concept for the region’s first social and community club was formed. So where did bowls come in? Well, it was mainly due to the strong urging of Pat Carew – the Town Clerk of Queanbeyan at the time and a very keen bowler. And what a cracker of a suggestion it was.

The club grew from strength to strength. Even though the odds were against the club, which was built during the time of the great depression. As it turns out, the club was just what the local community needed.

But who better to tell you about these glory days than Campbell and George themselves. You see, they’ve been involved in the club since the very beginning. However, they have a marvellous knack for missing every photo ever taken so they were almost lost from the history books. But if you’re lucky enough to catch one of them in the restaurant or at the sports bar, they might regale you with locker room tales that only a privileged few ever get to hear.

Today, the club celebrates a new lease on life as Campbell & George. A venue that’s been redesigned so new and long standing patrons can enjoy the features of the club they loved, with the introduction of some modern comforts.

With Us

Be in good company, create experiences & seek opportunity as an employee at Campbell & George. We are on the hunt for enthusiastic and motivated people to become a valuable part of the family, apply today!

We are currently hiring:

  • Waitstaff
  • Bartenders
  • Supervisors


    Campbell & George has a strong commitment to the Queanbeyan Community, four times a year (December, March, June, September) applications for assistance will be accepted.

    Ways we can help!

    Do you need some ice for your upcoming school fete or sporting/community event to keep the drinks cool? We can easily package some up for you! Do you need prizes for a fundraising raffle? We can supply dining vouchers or merchandise packs. Do you have a superstar athlete who has been selected to represent your school at a national competition? We can provide financial assistance to help get them there. Is your school or community building in need of some upgrades? We can provide financial assistance to help.

    To learn more about the ways we can help:

    To apply, simply complete the below form:


      ClubGRANT Recipients 2022/23

      High Street Care Queanbeyan: Emergency Food Relief – $5,000

      The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children: Talk Together – $1,292

      The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children: Kidscape – $3,876

      The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children: Confident Kids – $5,168

      The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children: Acoustic Skills – $2,584

      Queanbeyan Legacy: Village Eco Transition – $5,000


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